Our Business

We are a merit shop contractor and the best qualities we have to share with you are our respect and integrity. We have a real appreciation of being a team that works together because we choose to.


Our field mechanics and technicians are formally trained in mechanical trades.

We are proud of our ability to perform HVAC work at a high level, but will not take a project we are uncomfortable with. We do rely on some quality subcontractors to augment our services, and like us, they are professionals in the work they perform.


We are affiliated with ABC contractors association and are associate members of ASHRAE.

Pipe installations all conform to MCA standards.

Ventilation and duct standards are in accordance with SMACNA.


Shop fabrication takes place in Brighton in a 26,500 sq. ft. facility complete with ovehead cranes and heavy power.

Our Team

Robert Gaines

Bob has been in the HVAC industry most of his life. Starting his work life on jobsites as a mechanic, he quickly found his niche in difficult applications.

He began the company in order to provide HVAC services to high tech industrial facillities.

Jason Wilson

Jason has been with Temperature Engineering for over 15 years and has held every field position. He is currently in charge of field operations.

Richard Ehart

Dick has been in the HVAC business for more than 30 years as a project manager and application engineer