Design/Build  and  Design-Assist

We will work with you to take your ideas and turn them into an affordable, affecting installation we will all be proud of.

We will help you 'value engineer/re-engineer' a job that's over budget.


Maintenance Programs

In order to keep energy and emergency repair costs at a minimum, your systems need to be professionally maintained. The company performing your maintenance should provide you more than good mechanics. You need to hire a company that can evaluate the entire installation and not just the component parts.


Equipment Replacement

All manufactured A/C equipment has a predictable life expectancy.

If your equipment is 15 to 20 years old, it's probably time to plan for it's replacement.

Replacing equipment on an emergency basis is expensive!

By doing life cycle costing and comparative analysis, we can make sure you get the right equipment to provide you high efficiency and maximum comfort.

We specialize in weekend shutdowns/changeovers.


Specialty Contracting

Our resume includes clean rooms, dynamometer environments, test cells, test chambers and most types of industrial process ventilation and piping systems.

Due to the confidence of our customers, we have designed and installed numerous one-time projects such as a variable flow/temperature system to test jet missle and aircraft engines. We have performed as the prime designer and contractor for many facillities including an innovative helicopter/airplane hanger building with uniquely appointed offices and support areas.